Our features + your CRM = effective campaigns

Entermizy gives email marketers the tools to get the most value out of their contact list:
Send campaigns with the highest open rate, Setup unforgettable emailing experience 
in minutes, Measure and Optimize results

Integrate us with your CRM

Every company has a list of contacts containing subscribers, leads and clients. Integrating your CRM or other databases with email marketing is crucial for successful campaigns. That’s why we help you connect Entermizy with your CRM.

We have experience with IT and privacy audits as our main clients are financial institutions.

Many of our clients (not just eCommerce) use our software for transactional emails. Without deep integration, they struggle.

Segment your contacts effortlessly

There’s no such thing as “go to market” anymore. It’s all about “go to customer.” That’s why it’s critical to have live filtering and segmentation of lists so you can execute campaigns that have the right message for the right audience.
With a few clicks, you’ll be launching targeted, segmented, personalized campaigns that convert at higher rates.

Deliver Emails at the Right Time, to the Right People

With the world’s easiest automation builder you can personalize your subscribers’ emailing experience as easy as never before. Use our standard and custom fields, behaviour and transactional data for deep personalization. Set it up in a couple of minutes.

  • Email Automation Builder
  • Website Behavior Tracking
  • Tagging based on interest
  • Advanced personalization & segmentation

Create high-performing emails

Move this here, drag that there. With our simple drag and drop email editor, you can move elements like they are pieces on a game board, designing ultra-responsive emails. Insert a CTA button, drop in an image or a title.
Whatever you want, just the way you want it. On brand, all the time.

Send Campaigns with the Highest Open Rate

Build amazing emails without any coding skills. Take advantage of the AI-powered Subject Line Tester, AB Testing, and Automatic Resend feature: they are the secret to a highly engaged audience.
  • Subject Line Tester
  • Subject Line AB Testing
  • Automatic Resend to Non Openers
  • Drag & Drop Editor & Newsletter Templates

Resend your campaigns automatically

Resend your campaigns automatically to non-openers with new subject lines and make more subscribers open your emails.
It allows you to resend the same email, but with a different subject line to contacts who did not open your first email for a chance to increase your email open rates and email marketing ROI.
Hint: Combine it with the Subject Line Analyzer!

Track Results and Improve

Every email you send, every automation you set up is a little step toward a more successful business. We show you the analytics you need to make that little step be the key to your success.

  • Email performance metrics
  • Campaign analytics
  • Automation analytics
  • Form analytics

Grow Subscriber List

New subscribers are key to the growth of your business. We help you capture more people’s information across the web.

  • Modern signup forms
  • Automatic form connect
  • CSV import
  • Integrations and API

All Features

Email Marketing

Drag & Drop Email Editor
Simple Email Editor
Custom Coded HTML Email Import
Email Templates
Mobile-friendly Emails


Visual Automation Builder
Website Behavior Tracking
Interest Tagging
Contact Management

Grow Subscriber List

Mobile-friendly Signup Forms
Connect your existing HTML Forms
CSV Import
Subscriber Management
Contact Profiles

Measure and Improve

Key Email Conversion Metric Reports
Click Map
Overall Campaign Analytics
Automation Analytics
Form Analytics


Zapier Integration
Native Integrations
Public API


Unlimited Users
Unlimited Sub-accounts
Customizable Unsubscribe Page
Email Preference Page
DKIM Authentication
Premium Customer Support