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Our Story

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Our story began in 2014. The founding team previously built Protopmail, an old-school email marketing tool serving large volume senders in Central Europe. Between 2010 and 2014 we experienced 100% YoY growth rate, but in 2014 we realized that the Hungarian and Central European market was too limited to sustain our growth rate. That was when we decided to build a new platform for SMBs geared to the global market. The global marketing technology landscape started to become very crowded. While vendors promise they will solve the core problems of the marketers, the sad truth is that the entry barrier for users is growing continuously. The new platform is called Automizy.


In 2018 we realized that half of our clients are big corporations who have different needs then SMBs. They demand deeper integration with their tools, expect an account manager, support and consulting and they want new features that they can grow with. That’s why we created a large enterprise department and adapt our software to their needs. This was the birth of Entermizy. We help CMOs and CRM managers at midsize and large corporations effectively implement email marketing automation to drive repeat sales and acquire more customers.

Our values

Be Professional

A reputation of a company depends on the attitude of the workers. We aim to be always professional.

Improve Yourself

We are working at a technology market that transform fast and we want to be always innovative in our expertise.

Question the Status-Quo

If something worked yesterday it doesn’t mean automatically that it would be the best solution tomorrow.

Chase the Extreme

Everything you really want is over your comfort zone.

Our Investor